Your fish tank filter is the most essential part

by:Purewell     2020-05-25
Internal fish tank filters can be found in 2 basic styles (though there are different types within each style just to confuse matters!). The first type is the under gravel filter which is most often seen in cold water and tropical fish tanks. These are made up of a raised plastic grate which sits on the bottom of the aquarium. The gravel or substrate is then placed on the top of grate and vertical tubes affix to the filter. These tubes generally either have a power head sitting on top or a bubbler inserted into them. Water is then forced to flow through the gravel and back up the tube into the tank. The gravel itself acts as the filter and collects any extra food particles or fish waste that is pulled down through it. The second type of internal fish tank filter normally sits in a corner of the tank or attaches to the wall of the tank via suction cups. With these, a motorised pump sucks the water into the unit and through one, or a series of, filters which catch the waste materials. The filtered water is then pumped back into the tank. This process is continuous and, providing that the filter media is changed at regular intervals, generally does a good job of cleaning the water. This type of filter usually offers an affordable solution (prices do vary quite a lot though so it's worth shopping around) but sometimes creates a humming background noise which not everyone likes and you will need to get your hands wet when it comes to cleaning and changing the media. External filters are, in my opinion at least, the best filter choice for any aquarium although they do come at a price. All the filtering takes place outside of the aquarium and therefore the messy stuff is kept away from the clean water of the tank. Changing the filter media is also a lot simpler and causes less disruption to the fish because you don't have to place your hands in the water. These tend to suit larger tanks or more serious aquarists as the price can be a little prohibitive for newcomers to the hobby. As mentioned, prices do vary quite a lot so it's worth shopping around either your local suppliers or online. Personally, I've been using Aquarium House ( for some time now. They are a price comparison website for aquarium supplies so they do the hard work for you. You will find anything from tropical fish tanks, marine fish tanks & fish tank filters right through to fish food, fishkeeping books and fish tank decorations. Many of the goods on their website also come with price match guarantees so it's difficult to go wrong. If you sign up to their newsletter they will notify you when the leading suppliers have promotions, special offers, free p&P, free giveaways etc. so definitely worth a look! Whichever filter option you go for, it's important to keep up to date with the maintenance and regularly change the filter media otherwise even the most expensive filter won't do it's job properly. Compare and buy Aquarium Supplies, Fish Tank Filters, Fluval 205 External Filters, Fluval 305 External Filters, Tropical Fish Tanks, Marine Fish Tanks, Fish Food, Fishkeeping Books and quality Aquatic Supplies from
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