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As the first Chinese manufacturer of Personal Water Filter Straw, Water Filter Bottle and Water Filter Pump, Purewell has developed several advanced product to meet end consumer's requirements.


Purewell always make your ideas come true easily.



OEM/ODM with your ideas are warmly welcomed by our team.


For every outdoor enthusiasts, safe & clean water is necessary. It's not a wise option, if you take so many bottled water when take part in outdoor activities. That's why Purewell was borned. All Purewell products are designed for outdoor enthusiasts or dailly use. They allow you to drink from rain, river, stream, puddle or any fresh water sources directly with removing bacterias and protozoans, when you go for camping, hiking, backpacking, running, fishing, hunting, international travel etc.



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Filtration technology

Medical PP Cotton

Coconut Shell Activated Carbon

Antibacterial Granules

Activated Carbon Fiber

Hollow Fiber UF Membrane

Ahlstrom Pad

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About Purewell

Purewell is the ORIGINAL manufacturer of Personal Water Filter products who's behind famous brand: Discovery®, SKECHERS® in U.S.


Our R&D team has rich experience to help you develop high-end quality items.                                                                               


All products are BPA Free & up to U.S. EPA Drinking Water Standards, including water filter bottle, water filter straw and water filter pump.

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