Water is an essential entity in human lives but

by:Purewell     2020-05-24
Natural Occurrence Groundwater proves to be an important source of fresh water supply to sustain human lives. Hence, there is a strong focus on groundwater management in countries that are concerned about securing sufficient clean and safe water for human consumption. However, groundwater can be highly susceptible to many types of contamination such as iron and arsenic. These chemical elements occur naturally in soils and rocks where water leaching over these elements tends to absorb their poisonous properties which are detrimental for human consumption. Water with a metallic taste or a reddish tint is an indication of the high iron concentration in the water. Consumption Dangers Groundwater management involves effective extraction and filtering before consumption. It is necessary to clean the groundwater thoroughly to get rid of any toxin in it before drinking. It is alright to consume water with high iron content sometimes but other more toxic chemicals such as arsenic may be more dangerous. Arsenic infiltrated drinking water can cause various types of cancer like bladder cancer, liver cancer and kidney cancer. Management Options One of the easiest groundwater management options is to simply filter the water thoroughly before consumption. Filtration is proven to remove arsenic effectively. Many countries have imposed state and federal laws on proper groundwater management to ensure that all drinking waters are properly processed and carefully treated before consumed. Every country would have set certain groundwater management regulations by its nation's monitoring bodies to ensure safe drinking water for its citizens. The general public is educated on various steps to take concerning groundwater management. One of the ways which the homeowners can take on easily to exercise proper groundwater management is to install a water filter in every home or property where water consumption takes place. This is especially necessary where the arsenic levels may be high. Pumping Option Another form of groundwater management is to pump groundwater from underground through a well. This allows the water table to be lowered and a more effective groundwater management is achievable through the release and collect process.
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