The Gopro HD HERO2 is a very popular sports camera

by:Purewell     2020-06-11
The Gopro website has this to say about the problem, 'Please note that due to the curved lens of the waterproof housing for the HD HERO camera and standard def Wide HERO cameras, you will notice a slight loss of sharpness with underwater images. We are developing a flat glass adapter/housing specifically for underwater use, thus allowing for the same image sharpness that you enjoy with your Gopro camera above water.' Fortunately, several people have already come up with a fix. You need a Gopro flat lens to correct the problem. While gopro itself doesn't actually offer one yet, several DIY fixes and aftermarket solutions are available. In this article, I am going to introduce you to one do-it-yourself fix and one aftermarket solution offered by a third party provider. First, A DIY fix. has a tutorial on how to make a flat lens adapter using a 58 mm UV-filter and a plastic baby bottle ring. They provide step-by-step instructions on their website, along with series of slides showing you how to do the fix. The adapter is attached to the camera using epoxy. Google 'Jazz and Fly Fishing Gopro Underwater Focus Fix' to find the page. At the end of their article there is a link to a Youtube video showing some before and after results from the fix. The improvement is very impressive. One downside to this approach for fixing the problem is that the fix is irreversible. Once you epoxy the flat lens in place you are stuck with it. An Aftermarket Solution If you are hesitant to try a do-it-yourself approach, there is an aftermarket alternative fix you can purchase from Eye of Mine Action Cameras. They sell a line of Gopro flat lens housings specifically to address this problem. They offer a standard Gopro flat lens housing that is pressure tested at 100 feet (30 m). Or a professional flat lens housing what is pressure tested at 200 feet for 1 hour. The cost ranges from $79 for the standard to $99 for the professional version. These housings will fit the older Gopro HERO camera, as well as, the newer Gopro HD HERO2. Eye of Mine also offers flat lens housings in a wrist version, 3D version, and orange color version. The wrist housing won't work with other Gopro mounts or Gopro LCD bacpacs, but is available in a standard or professional grade. Eye of Mine recommends that you do not use the flat lens extensively on land. Flat lenses don't repel dirt or water as readily as curved lens and the acrylic is more susceptible to scratches. This DIY and aftermarket fix are just two of several options. To find other solutions try googling 'gopro flat lens fix' or 'gopro underwater focus fix.'
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