So when do you propose to begin your spring cleaning?

by:Purewell     2020-06-15
Normal household cleaning can be done with the standard vacuum cleaners in UK . However, when a construction company needs to clear up after some work at a construction site, then they need industrial vacuum cleaners . Industrial vacuum cleaners are more rugged. And they are built to handle the dust and debris of construction sites. Make sure you use the right combination of filter and disposable bag. Plaster and dry wall dust are particularly fine dust and require the usage of suitable filter and dust bag. Certain models of industrial vacuum cleaners require an HEPA filter which gives additional fine particle filtration but should always be used in conjunction with a cartridge filter or dust bag There are certain practices which you should be careful about. Never re-use a dust bag. Always discard it once it is full. The standard vacuum cleaners in UK can afford to use standard quality filters and/or bags. However, they are unsuitable for any operation which involves cleaning of wet surfaces since standard dust bags are made of paper. Industrial vacuum cleaners should be used with cartridge filters. Cartridge filter replacement depends on the frequency of usage of the unit and what you pick-up with it. There are ways in which you can extend the life of a cartridge. Clean the filter regularly. Tap it on the inside wall of the vacuum container then brush off any remaining debris. Check to see that there are no holes or tears. If you do find a hole or tear on the filter, replace it before using the vacuum cleaner. Polyester filters can be washed in warm water after you have removed the dust, but they must be thoroughly dry before re-use.
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