Koi Ponds and Koi Keeping were once upon a time

by:Purewell     2020-06-04
As with many pastimes or interests, the cost of enjoying such an activity usually reduces over time. The suppliers are able to pass on savings to their buyers as demand increases. There will always be a range of budgets when it comes to Koi Keeping - there'll be enthusiasts with limitless resources that can afford the ultimate, custom-designed Taj Mahal of Koi Ponds, and then there'll be enthusiasts whose budget is a tad more conservative. In former times, the building of the Koi Pond was on no account hurried - it was created with great purpose and attention to detail. Its design was intended to inspire calm and serenity and to enhance the inner harmony of its beholders. Now, in more rapidly paced times, whatever it is that people want, they generally want it right now. They still want the resultant 'calm and tranquility' that it inspires, but they want it to a set budget and they want it right away. Bearing this in mind, some enterprising companies have developed products to meet this demand. With the creation of Koi Pond Kits, a whole new generation of beginner Koi Keepers has emerged, thus stimulating the supply and demand of Koi Keeping Supplies. Many Koi novices can, and often do, go a tad overboard when they are first drawn to the hobby, and waste outrageous amounts of money, only to realize afterwards, that they've made some somewhat poor choices. If you're considering Koi-Keeping, then it definitely pays to do your research first. Aside from the initial outlay of establishing a habitat for ones Koi, and the price of the Koi themselves, there are always on-going expenses associated with feeding, breeding (if that's of interest), maintaining water quality, and aerating or oxygenating the pond, to mention but a few. Filters - Koi health relies heavily on good filtration. If waste and other pollutants are not removed efficiently, your Koi will sooner or later become sick and perhaps die. To avoid this, simply do not compromise when it comes to purchasing a good quality filter. Ensure you do your homework on this one and make sure you get the best filter to match the requirements of your pond. Fountains and waterfalls - besides the visual appeal of fountains and waterfalls, with the sounds of flowing water, and the play of sunlight as the water rises and falls, these features also fulfil a more practical purpose. They help to aerate and consequently, oxygenate the water, thus helping your Koi to breathe better. They also help to mask the sound of the Pond Pump. Pumps - a filter can only work if the water it is attempting to clean, is moving. A pump is necessary to move the water around. But be careful - a pump that isn't sufficient for the volume of your pond just won't do the task - likewise, if it's too powerful, you could kill your Koi. Dechlorinator - every so often a pond level might drop and need topping up. Tap water generally has chlorine and other substances that can be harmful to aquatic life. For this reason, you really need a good quality dechlorinator to safely remove the chlorine so that you can keep your Koi healthy. Water Condition Test Kits - to make certain your pond is always healthy, there are easy-to-use test kits available at most pet stores. Weekly ph and nitrate level testing can reduce the chance of toxic build-ups that may harm your Koi. Water Chemicals - should your test kit indicate that your ponds level of acidity or nitrates needs regulating, always keep on hand a supply of pond salt or baking soda and follow the kits instructions. Pond Netting - whilst not always necessary, pond netting is just another level of protection that you can give to your Koi. After all, we find them stunningly beautiful and fascinating to watch, and so do their natural predators. Whilst netting is one level of protection, the depth of the pond may be sufficient to afford your Koi a safe hiding place. By positioning the pond under the natural screening of trees, birds will find it difficult to view your Koi as a potential meal. The draw back to this location is that you'll have to carry out more frequent skimming of leaves and debris to maintain your ponds water quality. Food - Koi really are omnivores. Combined with their friendly personalities, you'll always find them happy to eat out of your hand, provided the treats are to their liking. Keep on hand a good supply of commercially formulated Koi food and a variety of Koi-Friendly healthy goodies, such as watermelon, lettuce, cooked pumpkin or carrots, even garden worms, Yum!
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