If your swimming pool water is less than crystal

by:Purewell     2020-05-27
Swimming pool pumps have to work hard and for a fairly long time so sometimes the motor's bearings wear out; if this has happened the motor will be hot to the touch and make a screeching noise. Sealed bearings cannot be repaired; you will have to replace them. A good electric motor service center can handle this. If you cannot repair your swimming pool pump and have to replace it there are a number of things you need to know before buying a new one. It will be easier if you can find a new pump exactly the same size as your old one; it will fit directly onto existing pipe work and can be wired up using existing wiring. If your old pump was one of the common makes such Hayward pool pumps this will be relatively simple to replace. Don't be tempted into buying a pump with a greater horsepower thinking this will increase the efficiency of your system; swimming pool pumps are matched to the size of the pool filter and smaller horsepower uses fewer amps and is cheaper to run. Check the flow rate and the horsepower of your old pump and filter, the information is usually on a riveted plate on each. Some smaller pumps, like the Hayward pumps have a higher efficiency rating, less horsepower, higher flow rate, thus cleaning your pool for less money. If your swimming pool pump is more than six years old it is likely to need replacing. Find a new pump as close to the old specification as possible for easier installation. Check the ratings of the swimming pool pumps you are considering; Hayward super pool pumps have good write ups and are known for their quiet but powerful running.
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