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by:Purewell     2020-01-12
The faucet in the kitchen is the most important water source we use to drink and cook our daily food, so the kitchen sink is where most families install filters under the sink.There are many underwater filters on the market, most of which are equipped with filtration systems that claim to be able to purify tap water.These water treated under the sink filter looks clear and clean, safe to consume and Cook.
Well, I believe that most of the contaminants under the sink filter can be reduced or may remove the four types of contaminants found in tap water, such as microbial pathogens (bacteria and parasites), organic (volatile organic chemicals and THMs), inorganic (arsenic, chromium, lead and mercury) and radioactive elements (decay of uranium in soil and rocks ).If the water filter under each sink has the same specifications and is able to produce the same quality of water, there is nothing to compare.The question here is, \"Why are these products under the sink filter sold at different prices?\\\".
Simply put, \"these are different products produced by different companies, so the specifications of the filter cartridges used are different, obviously, the quality of the water produced under the sink filter will not be the same.Typically, most have sediment filters that remove sand and large particles, and another activated carbon filter that captures synthetic chemicals and other organic pollutants.However, all these parts and components under the sink filter are not made up of parts and components of the same quality.
As for the activated carbon box, it can be in the form of particles, or it can be a better porous carbon block than other forms.Some toner cartridges are added to KDF-55D is zinc and copper, making them antibacterial.This means that bacteria cannot grow within the filter.
Advanced functions such as the combination of carbon filtration and ion exchangeMicron-level filtration is capable of producing superior water that other underwater filters cannot match.It is important that a good underwater filter is able to stabilize the pH between 7.25 and 8.5 suitable for our body to operate at the best level, able to capture or filter TDS, iron and iron elements.
Water is carried 5 microns (40 times smaller than visible to the human eye) when passing the distribution pipe ).Unlike the reverse osmosis system and distillation, the lower sink water filter with selective filtration can reduce chemical and metal contaminants while leaving good, healthy minerals for pH balance, delicious water.Since the lower sink water filter uses a filter cartridge, especially an activated carbon filter cartridge, to capture and capture harmful contaminants, its life is limited to ensure its optimal performance.
Since the cartridges need to be replaced within a six to nine month interval, you must choose the underwater filter company that can send or ship the cartridges in time.If you forget to replace, additional services like email alerts or automatic shipping will be valuable.In short, different underwater filters produce different levels of high-quality water, so the actual types of contaminants that are filtered are different, reducing the percentage of harmful chemicals and eliminating the kinds of organic bacteria is a direct decision on the performance of underwater filters.
Finally, I must say that in choosing, you must never come into contact with chemical carcinogens to any extent, and never think that this is insignificant in terms of toxicity for humans, the \"acceptable level\" of chemicals in our drinking water should not be tolerated.You should never trade your health problems for inferior underwater filters
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