How long can personal water filter straw be used?

With years of development, Yongkang Kapu Houseware Co., Ltd has become the mainstay of China’s water filter bottle industry, delivering a steady stream of water bottle with filter for travel achievements. Various in styles, Purewell's portable water filter can meet the needs of different customers. The design process of Purewell camping water filter is strictly considered: the problem of static electricity protection. The chip design is strengthened and the electrostatic protection component is assembled to fully protect the LED from electrostatic damage. It can remove 99.9999% of bacteria and 99.9% of protozoan parasites in the water. The product is very durable. Its roof is made of high composite material, which does not cause obvious wrinkles and breakage when repeatedly folded and stretched. It has at least a 5-year service life.

Winning more overseas market share is what we pursue now. Under the technological support, we will strive hard to win over customers by quality and service.
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