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by:Purewell     2020-06-19
There are lots of makes and models of fish tank filters in the market today and many people especially those new to fishkeeping may very well feel overwhelmed by the range of choice available. Whilst the designs and costs may vary greatly, there are a number of common features shared by them all and we will examine these in this article. The various types of aquarium filter available include the following:- 1) Canister Filters These are among some of the better quality filters available in the market and my personal favourites. Canister filters work by continually filtering the fish tank water. As it passes through the canister, which is partitioned into a number of chambers, the water undergoes cleaning/filtering as it passes through the mechanical, biological and chemical filtration sections before it's pumped back into the fish tank. Canister filters are fantastic for all those who have limited time for fish tank maintenance - they only require maintenance about once every 2-3 months (if you get a good one) while keeping the aquarium water purified. As the canister will likely be positioned outside of the aquarium, they have a tendency to be very simple to access therefore the cleaning process is easy and mess free. Prices do tend to be quite high but, as with most things in life, you get what you pay for. However these are quite powerful and although some models have adjustable power settings they normally are not suitable for really small aquariums and tropical fish tanks. 2) Diatom Filters This type of filter provides one of the better levels of filtration. Diatom filters use microscopic size earth particles as their filter media and these do an incredible job of cleaning the water. They'll effectively clean even the most minute waste material so are good for busy aquariums with messy fish. Like the Canister Filter, Diatom filters also come at a price. Also, they need special care and. The diatom media is so minute that it can have a detrimental impact on your lungs if inhaled so care must be taken. These are usually used by experienced aquarists. 3) Sponge Filters These are more cost-effective filters, but they can perform pretty good filtration. They work by sucking the water through a sponge (normally linked to the end of a pump suction pipe). The sponge usually performs mechanical as well as biological filtration. It is cleaned by taking off the sponge head and washing it thoroughly in dechlorinated water. It might be quite a messy process but, for those happy to get their hands dirty, it can be a cheap and efficient way of keeping your aquarium water clean and healthy. 4) Undergravel Filters These filters are really common and they often come as part of a basic starter kit. They consist of an elevated base on top of which gravel is layered which behaves as a filter media. Water is sucked through the gravel and the gravel traps any waste products. They usually provide mechanical and biological filtration. Though they have received some bad press, they do operate fairly well although they are fiddly and a bit of a pain to take care of. The gravel should be vacuumed regularly in order to avoid clogging and the likelihood of spreading disease to your fish from any decaying waste. 5) Corner Filters These are generally the most cost effective filters available and I must say that I actually don't like these but this is my opinion and you are, obviously, free to disagree. The filter media, which is commonly a sponge, is in a box which is sat soaking in the aquarium water - not the most hygenic! Maintenance can be quite messy and involves reaching into the tank to take out the box and then taking out and cleansing the sponge. Not the most efficient but as pointed out above they have a tendency to be cheap. If you're in need of fish tank filters or aquarium supplies consider Aquarium House ( They're a price and specification comparison website for all things aquatic including tropical fish tanks, marine fish tanks, aquarium supplies, fishkeeping books and fish food. They've got many promotions and a lot of the products incorporate price match guarantees so it's difficult to go wrong with them! I have used them for some time now and they are really good. Compare and buy Aquarium Supplies, Fish Tank Filters, Aquarium Filters, Tropical Fish Tank Filters, Fluval 205 External Filters, Fluval 305 External Filters, Tropical Fish Tanks, Marine Fish Tanks and quality other Aquatic Supplies from
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