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by:Purewell     2020-05-31
You have invested in a hot tub with the highest quality parts and materials and using the latest production techniques so that you can enjoy a problem-free soak. There are many quality spa manufacturers like Sundance Spas, Beachcomber Hot Tubs, QCA Spas and Dynasty Spas, but no matter what brand of tub you own, a certain amount of maintenance is required to obtain the best use of the spa. The hot tub filter is an integral part of keeping you hot tub water sparkling clean. Neglecting the filter not only causes water problems, but can also cause excess pressure in the system as the pump has to work harder and harder to push the water through a dirty or even clogged filter. Eventually this can lead to an error message on newer style spas powered by Gecko or Balboa electronics systems. The error may be flow related or completely shut down the spa until the filter is cleaned and proper flow can be restored. The filter should be hosed off every week or two and cleaned with an overnight filter bath monthly. Even so, it only typically will last about a year in regular use and then need to be swapped out for a new one. Spa owners should have at least one replacement spa filter on hand so that while one is being cleaned, the other one is on filtration duty in the spa.Allow your filter to work optimally as it filters out particles and bacteria as well as other contaminants from your tub's water. Keeping debris and dirt out of your tub's water will help to prevent the growth of bacteria that can compromise the safety of you and your visitors. Keeping your filtration system clean also extends the life of your spa water, pumps and equipment. Since bacteria can easily build up in hot water conditions, it's important to have the spa water balanced and to use an appropriate sanitizer. Buy quality filters that are tough enough to withstand filtration duty in a hot water environment such as a spa. Proper filters will ensure that the water is kept clean and clear, and inviting to all those who are looking for a nice, relaxing soak!
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