During the summer months, when it is really hot

by:Purewell     2020-06-18
One of the main things you need to worry about is the leaves and other debris that land in the water. You can get those out with a skimmer/leaf rake. The net you can use is usually steel mesh attached to a long pole that can extend out into the pool. Another tool you will need to service your pool is a wall/floor brush. The brush can be used to get rid of those annoying stains and dirt from the interior of the body of water. The most common one is eighteen inches wide and has bristles that are made of nylon. You should not use a brush made of wire to clean, because it can scratch the walls and rip the liner. Just as you use a vacuum in your home, you can use a vacuum in the water, but not the same exact vacuum. The vacuum you use in the water is a special one. In fact, you should only turn the water vacuum on when it is under the water. Even the tiniest amount of air can ruin the vacuum. The vacuum will suck the dirt from the bottom of the water. There are two types of vacuums - the one that uses water pressure from the hose in order to force debris in a bag, then one that sucks the dirt and sends it to the filter. If you have tile, you can use tile soap and a tile brush in order to clean the tile. The tile brush is attached to a telescoping pole. You can purchase the tile soap at a supply store and it will help clean those harsh oils and stains. Some try to skip around and use a household cleaner and this is where they make a mistake. A household cleaner could cause balance problems with the water. You can use a water testing kit in order to test the water to make sure it is at the right balance. In addition to all the supplies we mentioned in this article, you may also want to invest in a thermometer. The thermometer can be used to keep track of the water temperature. Professionals follow the basics we just told you about. If you have time to keep your water up to date and clean, then you should do it. However, if you do not have much time to tend to the body of water, you should hire a pool cleaning professional. Whatever you do, that body of water cannot go unattended.
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