Aquabots become main stream in the pool supply industry

by:Purewell     2020-06-19
The basic model is just call 'Aquabot', but there is much more than just 'Aquabot', but there are the T series models like the Aquabot Turbo T, T2, T RC/SRC and the T4 RC. Then there is the standard Aquabot Turbo and the Turbo RC (Remote controlled). Now a new model came up which is the 'Aquabot Junior'. There is the Cobia that is a whole new version of a pool cleaner with a salt chlorinator on board. C.O.B.I.A stands for Chlorine on Board Integrated Automation, which includes not only cleaning option but also a salt chlorination system. This is a revolution in the robotic pool cleaning industry. There are also the commercial models: Aquamax, Aquamax JR. (Junior), the powerful Aquamax BiTurbo, Magnum and Magnum Jr. Then the Ultramax models: Ultramax JR, Ultramax, Ultramax with Infrared obstacle Detection system, and Ultramax with air sensor for beach entry pools. There is also the very modern Ultramax Gemini. I almost forgot to mention the Jet propelled models: Aquabot Pool Rover and Pool Rover Junior. There are the Aquajet and Aquabot Turbo T Jet. The Rover models are for above ground pools. The Aquajet and Aquabot Turbo T Jet are for in ground swimming pools. The last 4 models mentioned above (Rover, Rover Jr., Aquajet and Aquabot Turbo T jet) are driven by the water pressure that is coming out of the pump motor that is pushing the water through a filter bag. The classic Aquabot and Aquabot Turbo are driven by a drive motor and there is a separate pump motor that would work on moving the motor through the filter bag similar functioning would be on the T series models. The main difference between the each model is in the routing and steering systems. The main goal of using the robotic pool cleaner is to clean the surfaces of the pool. Aquabots would usually clean the pool flours and most models would clean the walls as well. The Cobia that we mentioned earlier is also designed to get the water sanitized with the salt chlorinator. We are also authorized dealers by Aqua products. Meaning when you buy from us you will have 100% manufacturer warranty backup. So for information visit our website
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