About ten years ago, the first steam and vacuum

by:Purewell     2020-06-15
Steam cleaning is indeed a remarkable technology for cleaning; however, professionals have understood that there were still margins of improvement. It is then they have started to develop steam and vacuum systems. The Evolution and Advantages of Steam Vacuum Cleaner Steam cleaner brush with cotton towel is what we generally use for steam cleaning floors. The function of the cotton towel is to collect the dirt melted by the steam. Apparently, cotton towel gets wet and full of dirt very quickly. Therefore, there is a need to replace the towel when it is full of dirt to prevent the risk re-depositing the dirt on the surface. One concern that gave the professionals' attention is how to secure the melted dirt and the killed germs that were all collected and deposited in a recovery tank (bucket). Another is the filtration system that can capture the dirt and micro-particles that may circulate back in the air, which may cause allergens. Combining the function of wet and dry vacuum with the steam function was the ideal solution to solve this kind of gap and would actually be the next real challenge for the engineers. Considering that steam and vacuum machines are really high-tech machines that contain hydraulic, electronic, mechanic solutions, engineers must ensure that these elements should work together in order for a steam and vacuum cleaner give its best performance. Innovation of vacuum to a steam cleaner then took place and after many trials and errors made, a steam vacuum cleaner was introduced in the market. How it works? Steam vacuum cleaner can steam and melt the dirt on the treated surfaces then vacuums the dirt water thus leaving the floors cleaned, sanitized and dried. This steam vacuum machine has a brush head with removable rubber blades. Its function is to wipe the dirt water remained on the floor, and the suction collects it into the bucket. This method of steam and vacuum is effective and ensures all dirt and killed germs will be collected leaving the treated surface completely cleaned, sanitized and disinfect. Filtration System. One great advantage of steam vacuum cleaners is the innovated filtration system that allows them to terminate bacteria on surfaces and allergens in the air. Traditional paper bags filter lets the collected dirt remain inside the bag of the machine for days until the bag is full and user replace it with new one, thus increasing the proliferation of germs and bacteria that could possibly re-enter into the environment. But with filtration system, these filters are designed to absorb even the smallest particles and can extract as low as 0.3 microns dust particles thus making it much more effective than a traditional paper bags filter.
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