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by:Purewell     2020-06-08
The best faucet water filter on the market can be purchased for less than a hundred US dollars. Sales reps will try to tell you that their $800 units are better, but we always have to be skeptical of what salesmen have to say. On the other end of the spectrum is the $39.95 Brita faucet filter. It is produced by the Clorox Bleach Company, so I'm sure they know how to remove the bleach, which is what chlorine actually is, from our water. But, does the company know how to remove other things? Or do they care about them? Brita is not the best faucet water filter because it will not remove the byproducts created by chemical disinfection. Freon, chloroform, bromoform, iodoform and other trihalomethanes are produced when chorine, chloramines, bromine and other chemicals are used to kill bacteria and algae in public water sources. They cause cancer. Trihalomethanes are relatively easy to remove, but Brita does not use the available technology. In order to remove disinfection byproducts, we need a faucet filter that includes an adsorptive block composed of activated carbon and other materials that target individual trihalomethanes. But, what about an $800 faucet filter? Is it really worth the price? That is actually an under the counter product made by the Ever-Pure Company. It contains enough steps to remove trihalomethanes and chlorine, but the cost is related to the inclusion of a reverse osmosis stage that is unnecessary and difficult to maintain. Basically, you have to take the system apart, every so often and rinse it out. Wouldn't you rather have something that you can attach and forget for months at a time? I know that I would. The best faucet water filter on the market includes a submicron particle filter, which is similar to reverse osmosis, but requires less maintenance. Every three months or so, depending on your usage, you simply remove the filtration cartridge, throw it away and install a new one. If you worry about remembering when it's time to reorder, there is one company that will send your replacement cartridges to you, when it's time for a change. They offer discounts and package deals when you buy a showerhead system at the same time. You inhale trihalomethanes like chloroform every time that you shower in unfiltered water. The EPA says that most homes have a measurable level of chloroform gas, due to showering. So, why not combine the purchase of the best faucet water filter with a new showerhead system and save money on both? If you do, you'll have better skin today and better overall health, tomorrow. Before you run out and make your purchase you may want to examine how a shower water filter can benefit you specifically. Discover more free tips on water filtration systems by visiting Bob Goodhand is an advocate for home and personal water purification systems to protect and promote healthy living.
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