Turf Renovation & Turf Drainage Services for Sports

by:Purewell     2020-05-24
Complete Turf Renovation Services can construct, renovate and maintain sports turf surfaces. Aerating machines are suggested for use on lawns that actually pull out soil cores. This process is useful to help reduce soil compaction and thatch, improve Sports Turf Drainage, and improve conditions prior to overseeding. Aeration is essential on sporting surfaces and golf courses where the soil is squashed, preventing water from draining through the soil. Washed turf is ideal for cricket wickets, golf courses and sporting fields. Washed turf has quicker root establishment than standard turf due to the increased root biomass. Put simply, the greater number of roots able to have direct contact with the soil on site, the better the root growth. Standard conventional turf takes time to establish because of the stress of harvesting, transportation and installation. Vertical mowers can cut into turf and soil with the help of rotating blades arranged vertically and used to remove thatch (dethatching). If lawns are mowed regularly so that no more than one-third of the leaf height is removed with each mowing, there is no need to bag the clippings. Small grass clippings filter down into the grass and decompose rapidly, recycling nutrients back into the lawn. Sports Turf Drainage & Sports Field Drainage: Artificial grass provide the best surface for high-level Sports Field Drainage, as field turf offers a number of economical and performance benefits that natural grass can not compete with. Generally Sports Turf Drainage field maintained the quality of the field while applying brushing, sweeping, or aerating. Brushing is used to keep blades separated and upright, as well as keeping the infill level. Sweeping is employed to remove leaves which affect the field surface, while; aeration of the field turf is to ensure that the infill layer is not compacted. The proper maintenance of athletic fields: Irrigate to supplement rainfall. Provide 1.0 inch of moisture per week with early morning applications. Mow with sharp mowers, when turf is dry and soil is not excessively moist. Soil Test, and adjust pH as needed. Phosphorus and potassium fertilization amounts should be based on a soil test. Aerify once or twice per year either in the spring or fall. Overseed thin areas of field in May - June or September. Limit games or practices when field is wet; particularly when soil is moist. Traffic on wet turf or excessively wet soil is particularly damaging. Scout for weed, insect or disease problems.
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