There are two essentials to maintaining a hydroponics

by:Purewell     2020-05-23
pH is an essential factor because it is going to help in finding the amount of nutrients the plants could absorb. The unique thing is that every type of nutrient gets absorbed at a different concentration. The perfect range of pH for best possible nutrient absorption is 6 to 7. If you have the bluelab ph pen, it becomes easier to know that the pH level of the solution is. In hydroponics, the nutrient concentrates are usually acidic in nature, while the pH level for water is 7. When the nutrients are added to water, its pH level is going to drop. This is when; it is required to adjust the pH level. An alkaline solution has to be added in order to increase this level. On the other hand, it is rarely required to reduce the pH level. With the right instrument like bluelab ph pen, it becomes easier to get the right information about the solution and make adjustments as and when needed. A submersible pump is also an important part of a hydroponics system. There are many things to be considered when choosing the right pump. Keep in mind that maximum flow rate and head/lift don't make much sense when choosing a pump. Make sure to select a quality pump that is available at an affordable price. It must be able to produce desired flow rate at the required lift while consuming minimum possible power. It is important to determine the required flow rate before you choose a submersible pump. Usually, hydroponics systems require a flow rate of 100 gph for a single grow bed loop of maximum 120 ft. Drain or flood beds require minimum 2 and maximum 4 cycles an hour. It would also be required to find the system lift. This is measured in terms of the vertical distance between the discharge point of the pump and the top level of water inside the pump tank. There are many other considerations with regard to the choice of the submersible pump. The life of the pump increases significantly if you choose constant pump duty cycle rather than intermittent cycle. This would eliminate the need for a level or timer control. Keep in mind that a pump is going to last between 2 to 4 times the printed warranty period. Usually, it is not required to have a foam filter for the submersible pump, as a screen cover is more than enough. Chances are that the foam filter is going to clog the pump fast. Micro-algae are also a concern, but are not a problem unless the water flow is affected. Keep these points in mind and make sure to get more information online before choosing the ideal pump.
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