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by:Purewell     2020-06-08
Thus the need to maintain the water quality of a garden fish pond is more extreme than of the water bodies in the wild. It has been stated clearly enough for all pond keepers to understand how critical it is. What's at stake is not just the fish in the pond that you may change if needed. It is the whole water system that will slowly deteriorate if water quality is not given attention. One of the most important things that you should have in the pond is a filter, specifically a bio filter. This pond equipment is responsible for the elimination of solid wastes and the breakdown of toxic fish wastes. A bio filter is recommended since the filter media house beneficial bacteria which we all know are more capable than just filtering wastes in the pond. Keep in mind that the number cause of poor pond water quality is fish overpopulation. Therefore, do not get too enthusiastic and fill up the pond with as many fish as you want. They will all end up dead in a matter of days! It is also important to control the amount of food that you give to them. Remember that the fish produce wastes from their food intake. So if you continuously over feed them, more wastes will accumulate in the pond, harder job for the bio filter. Regular water changes must also be carried out especially in the summer and the spring due to the climate they bring. The warmer the climate, the faster the toxic by-products can flourish. The water change must be done for at least once a month to avoid this from happening. This will not only prevent poor water quality but also the build up of algae in the pond. The proper circulation of oxygen is also necessary in keeping the water quality at its pristine condition. That is why a pond aerator is much needed to be able to meet this requirement. Attaching a fountain to a submersible pump would be the quickest and easiest way to fulfil this need. This will help eliminate unwanted gases which cause poor water quality to stay in the pond. Also, the oxygen needed by the fish can be sustained through this pond equipment. If you are still puzzled as to what signs you should look for to find out if your pond has good or bad water quality, watch out for these symptoms shown by the fish: Loss of appetite Sulking on the pond bottom Hanging motionless at the surface Clamped fins Gasping at the surface. If you spot even just one of these, then you should act upon it before it's too late.
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