Swimming pool water needs regular filtering of

by:Purewell     2020-06-11
The pool pump does the job of filtering light yet bigger suspendable particles like leaves, lint, hair, dirt, etc. which got collected in the strainer basket or lint pot inside the pool pump. The pump also push the water in sand filters which are large tanks made of fiber glass, concrete or metal. The sand filter contains special high grade quality sand, when water is pushed inside them, the water simply collects at its bottom by the action of gravity and all the dirt and debris, mud, etc. of the water got stuck in the sand of the filter. The sand filter over time gets saturated with deposits of the sediments, which in turn slows down the water flow inside it and thus create pressure. When the gauge displays the pressure reading beyond normal, then it's time to backwash or repairs the filter. For pool filter repair one has to adjust a number of valves to redirect the water flow. One has to close the return pipe to the pool and open the drainage pipe, which will flush the dirt and debris from the sand filter tank. A diatomaceous earth filter or a cartridge filter can also be used as pool filters. In diatomaceous earth filter water is passed through grids of fossilized earth like sea organism called diatoms. This process is very effective as it filter particles as small as 1 micrometer in size. In cartridge filter system water is passed through filaments of clothes or corrugated paper. In both of these processes simple hosing or changing of the grid filter will do the job of maintenance. Pool filter repair can be carried out once a month for public pools to once a year for a private pool. It's a process can be done by oneself if he has time, labor, skills and proper tools. One can call plumber or professional expert in this field.
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