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by:Purewell     2020-05-22
WHAT IS AN EYE INFECTION AND DEFECTS Eye infections are usually accompanied by conjunctivitis - conjunctivitis, sensitized mucosa lining the eyelids. Another reason causing redness and irritation of the conjunctiva is a persistent inflammation of the eyelids (blepharitis) and painful inflammatory follicles at the roots of eyelashes (the grain of barley). Inflamed eyes should see a physician must also determine the appropriate treatment and avoid more serious diseases such as glaucoma. SYMPTOMS OF EYE INFECTIONS AND DEFECTS Redness of eyes Thick white or yellow eye discharge excessive tearing III Dried scabs on the cap and the corners of his eyes after sleep Feeling of sand in the eye when blinking Swollen or peeling skin surgery Small red lump on the edge of the lid CAUSES EYE INFECTIONS AND DEFECTS Conjunctivitis can cause viruses and bacteria. Redness and inflammation may also be due to injury, allergic reaction or irritation of some pollutants such as smoke, make-up, chlorinated water in swimming pools. WHAT SUPPLEMENTS TAKEN WITH AN EYE INFECTION Serious eye infection or injury requires immediate medical attention. Mild infections can be treated by natural means alone, but if inflammation in three or four days, call your doctor. First, several times a day do the herb Eyebright eye bath - as the name suggests - can relieve redness, swelling and irritation caused by inflammation of the conjunctiva, eyelids or eye injuries. Eye bath of chamomile or bodily also brings relief and is a good alternative to a skylight. In preparing herbal baths filter every eye bath over the net or mules to strengthen the eyes take about a month of vitamin C and zinc both substances increase the immune system, help fight infection and are important to prevent recurrences. Vitamin C can accelerate the healing process and protect the eye from further inflammation and zinc, which is currently highly concentrated in the eyes, can increase its effectiveness. Bloodshot eyes are often caused by ruptured blood vessels or extended. Preventive can demonstrate good service bilberry extract, which just strengthens capillaries. Drinking tea from a skylight helps relieve eye inflammation, as well as the lining of chamomile tea (the best is to use the cooled tea bag cuts). Skylight Dosage: Pour a teaspoon of dried herbs 500 ml boiling water, cool and strain Recommendation: Keep the solution in a closed container, tea, prepare fresh each day and swim the affected eye three times a day Vitamin C Dosage: 500 mg twice daily Recommendation: If there is diarrhea, reduce benefits Zinc Dosage: 30 mg daily for one month Recommendation: use 30 mg of zinc (maximum) must be added 2 mg of copper Chamomile Dosage: 2-3 teaspoons of dried flower Pour 250 ml boiling water, cool and strain Recommendation: Store in a closed container, tea, prepare fresh each day, the affected eye swim three times a day Vodilka Dosage: 1 teaspoon of powder of dried herbs, pour 500 ml boiling water, cool and strain Recommendation: Keep in a sealed container, tea, prepare fresh each day, the affected eye swim three times a day
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