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by:Purewell     2020-01-10
Jaipur: CSIR-
Central Institute of Electronic Engineering (CSIR-CEERI)
Pilani developed mercury-free plasma (MFP)UV-
Lamps for water disinfection systems enable its users to have water free of environmental and health harmful mercury.
The new technology was transferred to two companies for its mass production.
MFP developed-UV-
Lamps are a better alternative to Mercurybased UV lamps.
\"It does not contain mercury and operates at room temperature.
Its starting point is zero.
\"Time is up and it\'s easy to fix,\" said Ram Prakash, a scientist and team member at CSIR --
CEERI who developed this technology
\"This is the first time our scientists have developed local technology in China.
This technology has been very good.
\"It was tested in the home water purifier system,\" Prakash said . \".
\"We plan to expand the scale of municipal and sewage treatment plants with the help of Indian Industry.
This will certainly lead to a new revolution worldwide, especially by removing mercury from existing UV rays
Prakash said.
It can be used for sterilization of food, medical equipment, surface, disease
Air-skin condition
Air conditioning and air freshener for hospitals, etc.
Titanium coated toilet disinfection on the train, water supply on the train and bus, portable water purifier for soldiers, outdoor personnel, farmers, etc.
After obtaining the knowledge permission, the technology developed can now be commercialized
How to reach an agreement and will be launched in the market soon.
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