Kidney cleansing is the process of detoxification

by:Purewell     2020-06-10
Kidney Cleansing Home Remedies There are several home remedies for kidney cleansing which are simple to follow and can be tried at home with ease. Some of the common home remedies for kidney cleansing are: 1. One of the simplest home remedies for kidney cleansing is to take a fast. It provides the necessary rest to the kidneys as a result of which the kidneys are able to perform damage control exercises. 2. Corn silk is also one of the efficient home remedies for kidney cleansing. Corn silk is a herb which is rich in potassium and vitamin K. It is a diuretic which also has antiseptic properties. It is soothing to the urinary tract. 3. You can even try watermelon cleanse. Take some big watermelons and cut them into several pieces. Now fill your bathtub with water and sit on it. Eat watermelon while sitting on the bathtub. Pass out urine into the water. This can help in dissolving the kidney stones. Those suffering from diabetes should not follow this method. 4. Water cure is also helpful in kidney cleansing. All you have to do is daily drink water equal to half the weight of your body. This will be very helpful in flushing out the waste materials from the body. Remember not to consume alcoholic or caffeinated drinks. 5. Add a cup of celery leaves and a cup of parsley to one and half quarts of distilled water. Let this mixture boil for fifteen minutes followed by ten minutes of simmering. Allow it to cool and strain the mixture. Drink this mixture four to five times when you are fasting. 6. Boil half liter of water and add one teaspoon of parsley seeds in it. Put it in a thermos and let it steep overnight. Drink half a cup of it two to three times daily. 7. Carrot kidney cleansing method is also effective in cleansing the kidney. Take one cup or water and boil it. Now add one tablespoon of carrot seeds into this boiling water and let it steep overnight. Next morning boil this mixture again for three minutes and then allow it to cool down. Now filter this solution. You can take two tablespoons of this solution three times daily. 8. Onion cleansing is also equally effective in cleansing the kidneys. Cut some onions and fill the bottle (half liter) half with these onions. Now fill the remaining space in the bottle by vodka. Keep this bottle in a warm place for whole ten days and later filter this solution. Consume one to two tablespoons of this solution before meals twice daily. 9. Another effective method is to take a cup of hot water and add one tablespoon of crushed bearberry leaves in it and let it steep for the next thirty minutes. Once cool strain this mixture. Take warm cup (one third cup) of this mixture three times daily. These were some of the effective home remedies for kidney cleansing which are simple, cheap and easy to use.
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