Sports Bottle Water Filter

by:Purewell     2020-08-07

Pumps work better than most different sorts in shallow water sources like puddles. Some include a sanitation bag to maintain your output hose clean throughout storage. This is a white-label model of the Berkey bottle above. This is similar Aquamira bottle above, and made/sold by Aquamira, but typically listed as a separate model. Whistle and small compass / sign mirror built into cap.

Bad / inconsistent product data and we’re skeptical of the filter claims. Relatively massive filter pore dimension for this class, which lets extra threats by way of however is easier to suck. Popular model/product with over 7,000 Amazon critiques, however we think it’s overhyped for preppers. Conflicting data from producer regarding filter dimension and viral protection. This is the white-label version of the Chinese Diercon Straw.

Uses the same filter because the Hiker Pro and equipment as the opposite Katadyn merchandise. At one level in the 2000’s the Combi was the most effective-selling preparedness filter — and it's a good, beefy filter — however not practical for personal prepping.

It’s built for a number of uses, so you possibly can take it out backpacking or attach it to your sink at house or in an RV. The further price and measurement/weight is not price those features, so we prefer different models. Chinese, looks like they make many of the white-labeled merchandise bought beneath middleman manufacturers.

Likely troublesome to get help, but appears to move muster with lab testing and so on. zero.2 silver-impregnated ceramic filter lasts 50,000 liters . You can’t daisy chain them with a bladder, bottle, or gravity bag the way you can with inline fashions.

If you’re solely going to buy one filter, make it an inline model. Similar to our criticism of other Renovo MUV products , we expect their hyper-modular design is revolutionary and potentially nice for normal climbing, however too overcomplicated for prepping. This pump only works when held vertically and has a 1-star ranking on Amazon. A in style mannequin for hikers, but not the proper Katadyn mannequin for prepping — Katadyn even says it’s not for backcountry use. Go with the Hiker Profor solely ~$10 more, which comes with higher hose attachments and filter capacity.

Dislike that the pre-filter attachment requires a separate piece of plastic tubing. Comes with a poorly-reviewed delicate canteen and pre-filter replacements. Likely a white-labeled version from the Chinese manufacturer Diercon. Another main drawback is you need to get your face a couple of inches away from the water supply.

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