For a clean and hygienic swimming experience,

by:Purewell     2020-06-06
While all three of them offer optimum level of performance in terms of pool water filtration, cartridge filters are in huge demand due to their certain attractive features that have made them preferred choice of swimmingpool owners. These filters keep pool water impeccably clean and keep the water disinfected for safe swimming. Cartridge Pool Filter has a greater surface as compared to sand filters thereby resulting in fewer clogs. This calls for less frequent maintenance. These filters run on lower pressure, which results in less backpressure on the pump resulting in better flow and turnover. Cartridge filters besides being an economical option are extremely simple to maintain. The cartridge filtering element could be easily removed from filter housing and could be easily hosed off with a garden hose when the pores get clogged. However, when your filter gets contaminated with stubborn dirt and impurities such as sun tan lotions, body oil, sunscreens etc. introduced by bathers, it couldn't be cleaned up by simply rinsing with water. You would require soaking the filtering element in a cleaning solution overnight to remove all the impurities. Following overnight soaking of the filtering element, it should be rinsed off thoroughly with water. It should be dried in bright sunlight before being installed back into the filter housing. These days, many retail and online outlets are offering pool filters and other parts from different brands such as Hayward, Pentair, Sta-rite, American Commander and more. Pool filters and other products of these brands are highly effective and efficient at keeping your swimmingpool water clean and crystal clear. American Commander is a leading provider of pool filters and their parts. The cartridge filters of this brand are constructed using reinforced PVC centre cores that allow maximum flow at minimum pressure. Moreover, the antimicrobial end caps fight odour-causing mould and bacteria, besides the effects of chlorine. The filters of this brand also have sharp pleats besides tough end caps for durability. Commander cartridges are available in a number of sizes and square foot options. So, if you too are looking forward to install high quality filter and parts in your swimming pool, try purchasing American Commander Filter Parts.
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