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by:Purewell     2020-05-25
If you are planning to go into areas where clean water is not going to be available, it is essential to buy a top of the range filter, in which case you are probably looking at spending around US$250. There are several differences between high and mid to low end water filters. The most noticeable difference is usually the build and material qualities that have been used to make the filters. The other main difference is the size of the gaps or holes in the actual filter. The lower end water filters tend to have plastic mechanisms and levers. Filters made out of plastic are ok, if you are not going to be in life threatening situations if it brakes. For complete peace of mind it is really hard to go past a well built metal water filter that you know is not going to break the first time you accidentally step on it, or the hundredth time for that matter.------If you are planning to go out into the wilderness is might be worth getting yourself a heavy duty filter such as the Katadyn pocket Filter. Visit the site here:
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