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by:Purewell     2020-06-06
As a matter of fact, a well maintained spa can provide hours of uninterrupted fun and enjoyment. However, if regular maintenance is ignored, the hot tub water can become a breeding ground for harmful microorganisms and other contaminants that may cause serious ailments. Moreover, neglecting hot tub maintenance can result in excessive pressure inside the hot tub plumbing exerting great pressure on the pump allowing it to work more than normal. The clogged filters can damage pump seals and other spa accessories, which can further degrade the water quality. It is thus necessary to ensure regular cleaning of spa-filter. A spa-filter should be rinsed at least every week or two depending on usage. A normal garden hose could be used to rinse off the debris and other contaminants that remain trapped in the filter paper pleats. However, contaminants such as stubborn oils, grime, suntan lotions may not get washed away on rinsing with a garden hose, so it is recommended to soak the filter overnight in a filter cleaner. Following this the cartridge is rinsed off thoroughly with water and re-installed back into the spa filter canister. The spa filtration system uses a macro or coarse filter so as to remove all sorts of large contaminants and debris that is present in the hot tub water. The filter core provides even flow of water, through the entire cartridge. In fact, it utilizes greater media surface, which in turn helps to maximize filtration. It is the combination of 100% polyester synthetic fibres along with antimicrobial technology that has made these filters all the more advanced. These technologically advanced filters filter out all types of contaminants while inhibiting the growth of bacteria that causes odours and stains. Howsoever, good these spa filters perform, they tend to rupture and degrade after a period of time. It is thus recommended to replace the filter half yearly or every year depending on the frequency of usage and how well the spa has been maintained. As soon as any sign of crack or physical damage occurs to the filter ordering a replacement spa filter becomes inherent. So, go ahead and purchase the best spa filter for your hot tub and ensure its proper maintenance to enjoy unlimited fun for hours.
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