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by:Purewell     2020-01-08
KOCHI: Institute of Medical Sciences, Amrita (AIMS)
At Kochi, in cooperation with Tel Aviv University in Israel, a water purifier made using a sterilized kidney dialysis filter was installed in the hospital on Monday.
Dr Prem Nair, director of medicine at AIMS, said the equipment was installed as part of the AIMS clean drinking water program and was developed through a study by Tel Aviv University.
The water purifier works without any power supply, it uses the disinfection film of the dialysis equipment.
Portable water purifiers weighing about 18 kg can purify about 8 liters of water per minute and serve about 500 people.
Filtration will remove suspended particles and microbial pathogens.
Our test found that the filter could make the water contaminated with E. Coli completely free of bacteria, said Vineeth Ajith, coordinator of the Jivamritam program.
Ajith said that iron content in water can also be reduced to safety limits as the turbidity of water decreases.
The water purified through the filter is also higher in alkaline terms, which means that the water is safe.
As part of the Jivamritam project, five similar water purifiers will be installed in the floodhit areas.
Amrita Kripa charity hospital will install the purifier in Kalpetta, Wayanad, two floods-
In the districts of alapiza and patanham, the president of the UNESCO center for women\'s empowerment and gender equality, Bhavani Rao, said.
The installation has already started at a location in Budhanoor panchayat in chenanur.
Meanwhile, the consul general of the Israeli Consulate General in South India, Dana Kursh, said that such cooperation is only the starting point for more innovative ideas that will find ways to solve the problems of the Indian people, Israel and elsewhere
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