10 cult-favorite products on amazon that aren\'t worth your money

by:Purewell     2020-01-09

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I mean, it\'s everywhere.
\"The best cult product you can buy on Amazon\" appears on the list \".
\"I admit that these things sound great, but I\'m usually skeptical about some of the things on these lists.
Just because something popular on Amazon doesn\'t necessarily mean it\'s a great product.
I did some snooping and found 10 \"cult favorites\" products on Amazon that are not worth buying.
Some of these things are great products in themselves, but may cost more on Amazon than elsewhere, or have a more affordable option.
Everything else is straight.
You should not waste the garbage of time.
Here are the seemingly popular products you should definitely avoid. 1.
A tracker for your keys we\'ll admit: even weld your beloved Tile Mate in the first place.
But like many other reviewers on Amazon, we learned that you can\'t replace the battery of this tracking device and it becomes completely useless after a year.
Your option is to replace your tiles every year and try to remember where you put them or get a key hook and actually use it.
Changed to: Four hook key holders with diversified spectrum ($7. 81)2.
A kitchen gadget with only one.
The Air Fryer is quickly becoming one of the more popular gadgets in the kitchen, but it will only do one thing: Air Fryer.
Our culinary experts are frustrated that only one feature takes up too much space, while the convection oven and the air fryer do the same thing, but there are other cooking features as well.
Also, the best seller on Amazon is not even the best air fryer we have tested.
Breville Smart Oven Pro ($268. 95)3.
Salt lamps that claim to have healing power look really beautiful, but that\'s exactly the end of their function.
While it is claimed that they will release the anion that will purify your lungs and your home, they are not true at all.
To be honest, if you really want to breathe with salt, it\'s better to use a nasal spray.
Change to: only adult nasal fog with normal saline ($7. 26)4.
Anything you see from Trader Joe \'si likes Trader Joe\'s featured products, especially all but bagels seasoning.
When I saw it on Amazon, I was excited because I couldn\'t get into the grocery store chain immediately, but it was charged a lot and was $5 more expensive than usual, which wasn\'t worth it for me.
I might wait until I get back to TJs or I might try to knockoff version.
Get this instead: all bagels of wishful thinking ($7. 99)5.
Foldable phone holders like popsockpuppets have recently become very popular.
But many reviewers claim that this popular smartphone accessory doesn\'t actually have a good adhesive and will randomly collapse on it. Not good.
If you want to use a stand (
Right above)
You can invest in a built in case
In the stands, it can be said to be a better look.
Change to: ZVEdeng Case with bracket ($7. 99)6.
Coffee pods for your KeurigI love K
I like my Keurig.
But if I want to stock up on new pods, I will never buy them on Amazon.
Because coffee pods like this are usually the third type.
Party sellers are much more expensive than Walmart, Target, or your local grocery store.
Instead, regular K-at Target: Original Donut store-cups ($11. 89)7.
Instant Pot (
Because of its price)
We all love this instant cooker, but it costs $100 and you should only buy this popular kitchen gadget when it\'s on sale.
There are other more affordable options if you don\'t want to wait for the discount.
In fact, in our tests, we found
The performance of the pot pressure cooker is exactly the same as the Instant Pot, but the price is $30 lower, and it is often available.
Changed to: can-
Multi-tile pot ExpressCooker ($69)8.
Hair dryers and brushes in oneA hair dryers are also brushes?
It might be true if it sounds too good.
A lot of reviewers think this strange gadget works at the beginning, but it quickly disappears.
Don\'t waste your money on new hair dryers
Brush, you should invest in a really effective dryer and provide salon-like results—
Like our favorite hair dryer.
Changed to: 1875W infrared hair dryer ($16. 69)9.
Magnet to attract \"alkaline\" water you really don\'t know why people are crazy about strange things, this one is really delicious.
The price of this magnet is very expensive, the price of two magnets is $78, it is said that just put a cup on it to keep your water in alkaline condition.
There are many minerals in alkaline water, which is said to be better for you.
But loaded (
May not support)health claim.
If you really want clean and healthy water, filter it out.
Changed to: 10 cups of daily water tanks in Brita ($26. 99)10.
Those super-popular Kylie Lipp kitzki Jenner was a genius when he was pitching himself.
I mean, she\'s a \"self.
Become a billionaire
But her lip cover is not the best.
After we tested it ourselves, we found that they did not perform well in the competition.
In addition, Kylie sold the kits for $30 on her website, but on Amazon, they could cost more than $40. For a long-
Lasting Lipstick, stick to our favorite $10 cheaper luxury option.
Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipstick ($19)
The price is accurate when the article is published, but may change over time.
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